The hard work is already done on 10 prime acres ready for a country dream home. Manicured with over 150 Green Giant Thuja evergreen trees along the road on the West sides. These trees will give a beautiful shade wall in the years to come blocking the hot Texas sun. A complete drip irrigation system keeps these trees well taken care of and 2 additional lines for other watering needs. Water meter and power are in place. A near new high boy double door shipping container gives secure storage. 200’ gravel driveway in place on the North end of the property with 30’ culvert already installed. Property has recently had a new 5 strand barbed wire fence installed. Swinging heavy-duty gate on NW side of the property.

10 Acres located in Grayson County Texas. Currently approved with “Agriculture Exemption” due to growing coastal hay. This equates to annual property, school and county taxes of less than $20.00 (twenty dollars) for the entire 10 acres – per year. Survey available. 435,600 square feet (Approximately 1000’ long on Hall Road x 450’ wide on Mary Fitch Road)

1920 Hall Road 

Sherman, Texas  75090  ……… (Northeast corner of Hall Road and Mary Fitch Road)

33 degrees 31’ 46.2” North —- 96 degrees 32’ 01.0” West

*** Presently this land is clearly marked “Private Property” and is security monitored as well.


  • Water: Kentucky Town Water Company from the City of Tom Bean. Water meter was installed in 2018 and paid for in full. Water is currently functioning for daily irrigation of all the trees and the property already has a  200’ main water line installed for the future home site. Presently the minimum monthly water service includes 2,000 gallons for only $20.00 per month.

  • Electricity: GCEC (Grayson County Electric Coop) Power is available and account is setup and current.

  • Sewage: Not installed currently but will require “aeration style septic system”

  • Presently has a brand new 40’ x 9 ½ ‘“High-boy” shipping container on the North end of the property. This is a “One Trip” container that came over on one trip to the U.S. from China. This is a rare find in that it has “Double” doors on both ends of the container which makes it VERY convenient for storing and accessing all kinds of equipment, etc. It is NOT the old used beat-up chemical laden containers you normally find. This one is in “excellent” condition.

  • 200’ gravel driveway already laid in on the North end of property with 30’ Tin Horn (culvert) already installed.

  • Property has recently had brand new 5 strand barbed wire fence installed. Swinging (heavy duty) 20’ gate on North West side of property. The installed East side barbed wire fence is owned and maintained by that property owner.

  • Complete irrigation system (1” PVC, bubblers and control valves) run the entire length of the property along the Hall Road to irrigate and maintain the (154) Green Giant Thuja Arborvitae tress that are now approximately 2 years old.

  • In 2018 we managed the massive undertaking of removing a huge amount of trash vegetation Poison Ivy and undergrowth that had not been cleared in 40 years from both of the roadway easements. We removed over 100 large nuisance trees like: Hack-berry trees, Honey Locust trees, Cedar trees and Bois D’Arc trees, so the County can effectively maintain roads, power lines and drainage properly. This beautified the whole property and added tons of value because now we could see our neighbors and all the nasty little critters and possible diseased vermin moved on. This renovation cost over $11,000 and took almost 6 weeks to complete.

We then planted an all natural barrier of young trees in their place. Someday this property will have an all-natural wall of (without any required maintenance) gorgeous Green Giant Thuja Arborvitae “evergreen” trees running north and south along the entire Hall Road side of the property. We left the South side wide open because of the beautiful grazing pasture and the awesome turtle back hills of scenery.  These trees are estimated to grow up and be just plain beautiful trees someday as much as 50’ tall x 12’ wide. These were planted in such a manner as to provide a complete natural barrier wall from the Westward Texas sun.

  • Water lines also run all the way back to the East end of the shipping Container on the North end as well as to the present “Honeybee Apiary” on the North-East corner of the property.

  • There is approximately 200′ of 1″ main water line already installed (in the middle of the property) from the water meter to where we had planned to locate the main house.

  • Currently, the Coastal hay is cut, baled and sold to a local farmer who is very close to our property. We are presently harvesting 10 – 24 bales of hay, three times per year.

Deed Restrictions / Protective Covenants

  • The property shall be used only for single-family residential purposes. Each new single-story residence shall contain a ground floor of not less than the 1500 square feet of living area.  Each two-story residence shall contain a ground floor of not less than 1500 square feet and a second floor not less than 500 square feet of living area.
  • All homes shall have constructed of either brick, stone, siding or logs, etc. on the ground floor.
  • Buyer shall not construct more than one single-family residential home on a Parcel # 1.  The home can either face South towards Scott Road (Mary-Fitch Road) or West towards Hall Road and must be constructed at least 350 feet North of Scott Road (Mary-Fitch Road) and at least 100 feet east of Hall Road.
  • All primary utilities will be constructed underground from the appropriate property lines.
  • No pigs will be kept on the property.
  • No more than 5 cattle or 5 horses or 5 of combined cattle and horses shall be kept on Parcel # 1.
  • No inoperable or wrecked vehicles we kept on property.
  • No noxious offensive or trade or business of any kind shall be constructed upon said property or any part thereof.  No structure shall be erected, used for permitted to remain on the property other than a single- family private dwelling with accompanying garage and a barn / or storage building.
  • No manufactured housing, trailer homes, etc. of any kind will be permitted on the property.
  • No temporary structure, such as a trailer, tent, shack, etc. shall be erected, placed or permitted to remain on the property except during actual construction of the dwelling house thereon and in no event for more than a total of 180 days.
  • No parcel shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage or other wastes and such material shall be kept in a sanitary container.  All sanitary containers or other equipment for the storage or disposal of such material should be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and be placed on the street only on the day of garbage are trash collection.

​Information provided is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed and must be verified by the buyer or Buyer’s Agent. The property can not be subdivided.
The information contained herein is deemed reliable but is not warranted or guaranteed by the Broker or Seller. The Broker (David Norman Realty Advisors) does not assume liability for typographical errors, misprints, nor for misinformation that may have been given us. All property is subject to change, withdrawal, or prior sale. Buyers’ agent must be identified on first contact with Broker and must accompany the buyer on showings to receive full fee participation. Otherwise, the fee participation will be at the sole discretion of David Norman Realty Advisors .